Chicken cordon bleu

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1 kg thick pieces chicken breast using Electronic... scale.
4 slices cheddar cheese using cheese slicer Twist.
4 slices smoked meat using forged slicer knife.
1 cup flour using silicone measuring cups.
1 whipped egg with salt & pepper using s/s whisk Twist
1 cup bread crumbs using silicone measuring cups.
Oil for fry


Open each slice from one side , but not be careful not cut it into two slices using steak knife ,then tendered each piece using meat tenderizer.
Fill each slice with cheese and smoked meat , then tight it well in foil ,and leave it freezer 1 hr
Then soak it in flour , then egg , then bread crumbs very well
Then put it in freezer again 1 hr
Heat oil in favola nonstick frypan at high temperature ,and fry it ,remove from oil using s/s strainer Twist
Serve it hot with sauté vegetables .
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