Italian mashed Potato

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1/2 kg potato
1 cup warm milk
1 cup cheddar cheese sliced using the cheese slicer- Twist
10 pieces of smoked salami
Salt and pepper
1chopped garlic using the garlic press-Twist


Peel the potato using the Potato peeler- Twist
Cook the potato in water using the casserole 2 handles favola Teflon, until it is sautéed Mash the potato using the Nylon potato masher
Add salt and pepper using the salt & pepper grinder, chopped garlic, warm milk and the chopped cheddar using the cheese grater inox
Mix all the components well
Slice the salami using the forged utility knife
Spread the salami at the top of the mashed potato

Duration: 15 min
Person: 4
Serve: hot
Budget: low
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